A Light Bulb Can Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

Are you like me and focus more on the weather report in the Winter time? The 10PM news, The Weather Channel, weather.com, noaa.gov, I find myself check them all when the weather turns cold. If the temperature dips below 20 F, I find myself in somewhat of a panic wondering if I have done enough to be sure my pipes don’t freeze.

Here is a something that you might have not thought of, if you live in the Central to Southern regions of the US, a standard 100W light bulb can offer enough heat to take the chill out of your crawl space or well house. The farther North you go the more wattage you will need.

Traditionally, we have been taught that leaving the faucet run slightly will take care of freezing pipes.  I have done that and still had my pipes freeze.  So this year I have installed a light socket and use a 100w bulb close to the problem area in my crawl space.  So far so good.  Of course I have only had to use it a couple of times.

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